About us

PLASMET is a family company with over forty years of experience, specialized in the production of metal parts for the automotive industry. In addition, we manufacture dies, control tools (gauges) and prototypes. Plasmet’s products being indvidual elements or components are mainly made of steel and alu-steel, bars and pipes in the processes of blanking, trimming, stamping, bending, welding. Elements ready for assembly (including surface coating as galvanizing, cataphoresis or powder coating) in 70% we deliver in the “just in time” system directly to the assembly lines for well-known car companies in Europe and Brazil. The company has its own development department and a most-modern tool shop . Tools and gauges are produced in the company’s tool shop, based on own technological documentation developed in the CAD / CAM system.

PLASMET is located in Widzino (Kobylnica commune), in northern Poland, 4 km from Słupsk. The company employs 170 employees and is under constant development. The plant maintains constant technical cooperation with customers and scientific institutions.

PLASMET has an Integrated Management System that complies with the requirements of the following standards: IATF 16949:2016, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018. The high level of the Quality Management System was confirmed in April 2014 during an audit conducted by the Volkswagen company according to VDA 6.3 requirements, where we obtained a high score of 94 points.

In the Plasmet, stamping lines work in progressive technology and transfer with presses with pressure of 250 – 630 tons, welding stations with robots, a line for vibro-abrasive (debburing) and tube bending machine.
Highly qualified technical and production staff employed in th
e company guarantees meeting the high requirements of the customer, providing him with products of complex technology.

The qualifications of the company’s staff are constantly raised through internal trainings in cooperation with external institutions.
In order to ensure a continuous inflow of young technical staff, PLASMET cooperates with technical secondary schools and technical universities. Students take placement in the company and their final works are thematically related to Plasmet’s profile. Employees receive reimbursement of the costs of further education at universities.

The goal of our company is to stay in the group of leading companies in the automotive industry, keeping in mind the continuous improvement of production processes, affecting the reduction of costs, while maintaining profit at the level that guarantees the continuous development of the company.
Currently, investments have been initiated at the level of EUR 5.0 million, where some of the funds are planned to be obtained as part of EU subsidies. This will allow the company to increase its production area by 100%, expand the production profile and achieve annual sales of EUR 15 million. As part of the investment, it is planned to build a paint shop equipped with fully automatic cataphoretic and powder coating lines.