General conditions of purchase

General conditions of purchase
PLASMET Czechowicz spółka jawna
ver. 2 dated: 30.04.2018

  1. ACCEPTANCE – The Supplier has read the contents of these terms and acknowledged them. Acceptance of a placed order means the acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions of Purchase Agreement (GTA).These terms and conditions form an integral part of the order.

  2. ORDERS – will be submitted for the execution in electronic or paper form.Confirmation of the order is required. No confirmation filed within 7 days is treated as the acceptance of the order for processing without any objections or acceptance of the GTA.

  3. DELIVERY TIME AND DELIVERY – all deliveries will be made in delivery time and quantities according to placed order or the delivery schedule. Depending on the delivery terms, the contract is considered to have been made when the goods without defect are delivered to the PLASMET warehouse or after being picked up from the seller’s warehouse.

  4. PACKAGING – the ordered goods should be packed in a packaging protecting against damage according to the characteristics of the ordered material. A seller is obliged to buy back a bulk container that has been charged in the invoice.

  5. QUALITY AND CONTROL – the supplier undertakes to meet all the requirements and quality standards specified in the order. For each delivery, the seller attaches a material certificate or quality certificate stating that the delivered product or service complies with the relevant standards or technical conditions specified in the order. If necessary, PLASMET reserves the right to make a qualitative acceptance of the ordered goods at the supplier’s premises. PLASMET reserves the right to conduct an audit with the supplier in order to assess its quality capability.

  6. QUALITY DEFICIENCY – The supplier guarantees that provided material or service is free from defects and complies with all specifications provided by PLASMET.

    The ordering party is obliged to inform the supplier immediately about any quality defects that are the subject of the contract.

    The supplier should respond to the complaint within 24 hours and send the 8D Report for the first three steps. The Supplier should formally inform PLASMET about the main cause of the complaint within 10 working days from notification and send corrective action plan as well as the preventive action plan.

    The ordering party has the right to return the whole batch of goods or services in which non-compliances have been detected. In order to ensure continuity of deliveries, the supplier undertakes to exchange non-compliant goods or services for defect-free products immediately and, if necessary, to deliver a new batch at his own expense. If needed the supplier undertakes to make the selection of non-conforming products or services at his own expense, and in the event of failure to meet the deadline set by PLASMET, PLASMET will make selection at the supplier’s expense according to currently applicable rates at PLASMET.

  1. CONFORMITY – the supplier ensures compliance of materials or services with applicable rules and regulations in the field of quality, environmental protection, and health and safety in the country of the supplier and a recipient and a user (if defined)

  2. PROTECTION OF CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION – the parties undertake to keep confidential and not to convey or disclose, without the written consent of the other party, any information obtained during the term of the contract.

  3. GENERAL PROVISIONS – these terms and conditions apply to all orders for the purchase of goods or services.

  4. UNLESS OTHERWISE AGREED, the GTA is in force in the currently applicable version available on the PLASMET Czechowicz sp. j. website at

  5. IF THE PARTIES have not agreed otherwise, the disputable issues not contained in the GTA will be governed by the provisions of Polish law, including the Civil Code, in the Court of Arbitration at the Słupsk Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Słupsk at ul. Sienkiewicza 19.

  6. GENERAL CONDITIONS OF PURCHASE – they are prepared in Polish, English and German. In the event of a discrepancy between the versions, the Polish version will be superior. The English and German versions will be taken into account only for the purpose of translation.

  7. GENERAL CONDITIONS OF PURCHASE enter into force on 03/04/2018.