Company policy

Superior goal of PLASMET company´s policy is to maintain competitive position among companies leading in subassemblies and metal parts production for automotive industry with continuous pursuit of Clients satisfaction, taking care of security of process information relating to part produced and simultaneous care for natural environmental protection and health and safety of its employees.

The policy is being fulfilled by execution of the following strategic goals:

  1. meeting all needs and expectations, including specific requirements of our Clients and other parties concerned in respect of quality and timeliness of deliveries, security of process information, continuous improvement of processes and quality of products while optimizing costs,
  2. managing the activity according to existing legal regulations and other requirements concerning: company´s environmental aspects, manufactured goods, used resources, health and safety in the workplace and security of information regarding ongoing production processes,
  3. continuous improvement of integrated managing system of quality, environment, health and safety in the workplace as well as its processes by using – for planning quality, environmental as well as health and safety in the workplace goals coherent with this policy – the results of systematic monitoring of changes in the established context of the organization and its impact on the quality, environment and security of information in the company environment, changing requirements of parties interested in company´s activity, supervising outsourced processes, monitoring of inner processes and products, analysis of results and achievements,
  4. continuous improvement of technological methods and technical solutions, including modernization of infrastructure, concerning improvement of occupational health and safety in the workplace and influence on natural environment and information security,
  5. implementation of business processes using modern and secure information technologies and cyclical identification of risks and opportunities related to the operational processes of information security, risk management and implementation of response plans to identified risks
  6. appropriate selection of suppliers and controlling of processes transferred to them.
  7. monitoring of effectiveness applied protection and swift reaction to information security incidents.
  8. preventing pollution of natural environment, including pro-ecologic management of wastes assuring proper segregation and achievement of assumed environmental effects,
  9. preventing accidents during work, occupational diseases and potentially dangerous events and pursuit of continuous improvement of occupational health and safety,
  10. systematic supplementation and improvement of employees knowledge, rising qualifications, making aware of Customers requirements, other parties interested in PLASMET´s activity, legal requirements as well as significance of their fulfilling and role of staff in this range,
  11. information protection ensuring safety during commercial undertakings and providing integral information for the company’s ongoing operations and development,
  12. involving whole staff on each organization level into improving actions by means of efficient motivating techniques in order to improve quality, occupational safety, environment protection and information security.

PLASMET´s Managing Director takes on an obligation of assuring resources and all necessary means in order to execute this policy.
Provisions of the quality, environment protection, occupational safety and information security policy are executed by every employee in compliance with range of their professional duties.

Widzino, 31.07.2017
Jan Czechowicz