About Plasmet

PLASMETs products as separate elements or sub-assemblies are manufactured from steel sheets and coils, alu-coils, pipes and steel bars, throughout stamping and welding. Ready for assembly (including surface treatment like galvanizing, electrophoresis or powder painting) they are being delivered in „just in time” system to such companies like Volkswagen, Škoda, Fiat, Scania.

The company owns design & technology department and modern tool shop. Tooling and gauges are made inside the company, based on own documentation prepared with CAD/CAM programs.

PLASMET is located 4km from Słupsk; hires 160 employees and develops constantly. The company maintains permanent technical cooperation with its customers and with the scientific institutes.

PLASMET has integrated System of Managing with Quality and Environment, according to: ISO/TS 16949:2009, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, PN-N-18001:2004 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013. High level of the quality management system is confirmed by Volkswagen’s audit which took place on April 2014 and was based on VDA 6.3 requirements. Our company have received high score, of the 94 points.

At the moment at PLASMET there are 4 operating lines designed for progressive steel and aluminium stamping with transfer using 250T and 630T servopresses.

Highly qualified techno-productive staff employed by the company guarantees meeting of the highest requirements of Customer and that all shipments will be delivered in designated time.

The staff qualifications are upgraded constantly by trainings that are carried out in co-operation with outer institutions.

In order to ensure a continuous inflow of young technological staff, PLASMET cooperates with high schools and technical colleges. Their students and learners take on vocational trainings in the company and their final papers refer to Plasmet. Whereas workers employed in the company receive repayments of studying costs in colleges.

The goal of our company is satisfying the needs of our Customers and maintaining in the group of leading companies of the automotive industry, taking into consideration economically justified costs and profits that guarantee the development of our company.

Investments worth 5,0 mln EUR, which are planned to be cofinanced with an EU subsidy, have been undertaken recently . It will allow PLASMET to achieve annual sale at the level of 15 mln EUR.

Planned investments will include start-up of a fully automated paint shop for powder and cataphoresis painting.